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Well, on the fourth day when I started to use it, I felt my energy level was higher than before, I was a bus driver at that time, usually, after a long day of driving I would feel tired especially lower part of my legs, but starting the fourth day, I never felt that tired anymore. Isn’t that amazing? I will tell more stories about me with SOMADERM.


Our Founder, Alexy Goldstein

Alexy Goldstein is a certified homeopath, herbalist, respected iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant (N.C.). Goldstein has also created many exclusive formulas including the one of a kind SOMADERM® Gel. In short, Alexy Goldstein is a force of nature—or should we say, a force for natural foods, nutraceuticals, and performance supplements that help people lead their healthiest possible lifestyle.

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Anyway, anyone interested in how to play tennis? here is a link for us to learn how to do some great tennis moves, I found these great video lessons to perfect my games. Click here and enjoy.

SomaDerm? What is that?

Lift Your Lifestyle with SomaDerm® Transdermal Gel

SomaDerm Gel is a powerful and innovative transdermal blend containing exclusive and proprietary homeopathic ingredients and nutraceuticals. Key ingredients in SomaDerm have been demonstrated in independent, third-party trials to increase natural growth hormone by up to 800% in healthy volunteers.*

Do you know what that means? your hormone level can match a 25 years old in a few weeks, at least that is what I experienced. don’t believe me? try it youself. >>>


How well will we live?

The average life expectancy in the US is 77 years. What do those years look like for you?

The age-old question: Why do we age? Why do we look so old?

Cell Division? Epigenetic Factors?

stay tuned


When people read a brand called NEW YOU LIFE, usually have no idea what it is all about. I have been using it for close to one year now,

I feel younger, stronger, more energetic, yes, you do have to sign up to become a member, but with that membership, you will achieve something you may never think possible.

Come back to this site later, I will show you how it works, it is possible the most effective way to stay healthy, lose weight, lower blood pressure, and live longer. when you are 50+ like me, want a lifestyle of 20+, this is the only way humanly possible. I am not kidding.